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Hansel and Gretel | Victorian Opera

“ … the most enjoyable part is the physical comedy, which Shakira Dugan (Hansel) deliver with delightful aplomb”.

Bridget Davies
Sydney Morning Herald
11 June, 2018

And the standout for me was Shakira Dugan as Hansel – here is a mezzo-soprano with a glorious natural warm tone and a fine actor to boot, with natural stage charisma. I suspect we will hear much of this fine young singer in the coming years.”

Julie Houghton
Classic Melbourne Music, News & Vies
10 June, 2018


“Deliciously creamy mezzo-soprano Shakira Dugan was perfect as a scallywag of a Hansel, impressing with her top notes and toasty vibrato.”

Opera Chaser
10 June, 2018


“Shakira Dugan …  portray Hansel and Gretel with playful camaraderie, engaging the audience with lively expression and harmoniously blended vocals.”

Simon Paris
Man in Chair
10 June, 2018

The Magic Pudding | Victorian Opera

 “ … Shakira Dugan as Wombat, were a perfect borderline bumbling pair in their conniving pursuits. Dugan’s additional neck-twitching Rooster and cackling pizzicato song, as brief as it was, won’t be easily forgotten.”

Opera Chaser
16 March, 2018