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Jeremiah Symphony No 1 and Ruckert Lieder | Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

" Steely, muted and unadorned, Keegan's lamentation vocal line (in the Bernsteins Jeremiah symphony No 1), revealed with brutal clarity the lonely despair of the prophet ignored.

Most moving was a gossamer rendition of the Mahler Ruckert Lieder by Keegan, her effortless line and a diaphanous orchestral accompaniment, floating the listener into dreamscapes of fragrance, celestial gazing and solitary musings. This was art to awaken even the most world weary listener."

Eamonn Kelly
The Australian
August 17, 2018

Thais | Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

" Luxury casting continued with the all too brief appearance of Dramatic Contralto Liane Keegan as Albine, Abbess of the Convent. Keegan expertly captured the caring yet commanding figure, singing with deliberately guarded warmth and utter authority"

Simon Parris
Man in chair.
August 27, 2017

“Liane Keegan’s rich contralto and uncompromising presence as the austere Abbess Albine was a highlight of the final act.

David Barmby
August 26, 2017

Siegfried | Opera Australia

“ Ërda returned confused from her wisdom rejuvenating slumber via Liane Keegan's colossally sensitive performance."

Paul Selar
Herald Sun
December 2016


"Liane Keegan's blind Erda, continued her good work in Rheingold. It is a dark, luscious voice and steady as a rock across the whole range. "

Clive Paget
December 2016

"The quality of Keegan's voice is the sheer musicality of her voice which floats effortlessly over the orchestra. Keegan uses her finely honed vocal expression to create an entire performance with very little facial or physical movement."

Simon Parris
Man in Chair
December 2016

Elektra | Theatre Hagen

"Liane Keegan as Klytemnestra, sings and acts very impressively. Everyone was filled with poison as the composer wished. The role must be sung, not shouted. Hagen will not hear better bel canto singing than this."

Das Orchester
Matthias Norquet
2006/07 Season


"Liane Keegan in the grand role of Klytemnestra. The ringing, beautiful, even voice is rich and deep, without artificially making the voice dark. Equally impressive was the height in the voice, full toned without constriction and with great ease."

Das Orchester
Von Gustav-Kleff
2006/07 Season

Mahler’s Symphony No. 3 | Queensland Symphony Orchestra

"Dramatic Contralto Liane Keegan's lush and glorious voice, longing for eternity in the ravishing fourth movement, was well realised." 

Courier Mail
Suzannah Conway

Il Trovatore | State Opera of South Australia

"Liane Keegan's fiery and magnificently sung Azucena is a role she will be able to carry though a long, impressive career." 

Adelaide Times
Ewart Shaw
August 14, 1999