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Voices in the Forest

“…American lyric tenor Richard Troxell – a consummate entertainer with a captivatingly powerful, burnished voice that filled the concert hall. His La donna é mobile had a charming bounce to it… he sang his upbeat Questo o quella to the orchestra’s concertmaster Anna McMichael…."

Angus McPherson
Limelight Music & Arts Magazine
November 21, 2016

Opera in the Vineyards

"A stellar cast of four singers – Sopranos Natalie Aroyan and Amelia Farrugia and tenors David Hobson and Richard Troxell from the USA – accompanied by The Metropolitan Orchestra and conducted by Maestro Brian Castle-Onion, held the audience literally in the palm of their hand all evening."

Meldi Arkinstall
The Culture Concept
October 19, 2016

Rigoletto | Metropolitan Opera

"….in Michael Mayer’s production a member of the entourage of a Sinatra-esque Vegas crooner. Making the most of this louche milieu was debuting tenor Richard Troxell, whose tangy voice and delightfully skeevy characterization definitively put the “rat” in “Rat Pack"."

James Jorden
The Observer

Carmen | Opera Australia

“Troxell made a credible… José singing with passion and confidence.”

Northside Newspapers

”His voice opened up with beautifully textured sensitivity.”

Arts Hub

”One of the star turns was Richard Troxell as murderer,deserter and cuckold Don José. He’s already made a name for himself in this opera, based on his capability as an actor as much as his vocal refinement and finesse. Panache is the word that springs to mind.”

Curtain Call